Marcel Moreau Associates Inc.

Marcel Moreau Associates Inc.

When Only the Best Will Do


For over 30 years, Marcel Moreau has worked exclusively in the field of underground storage tanks (UST). His experience includes four years with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, four years with an environmental engineering firm, and twenty-five years as an independent consultant providing information and educational services related to petroleum storage systems for government and private sector clients.

Career highlights

1985 — Awarded a German Marshall Fund Fellowship to study European UST technology

1991 — Taught the first training course for UST regulators on how USTs work and how to inspect them

1996 — Present — Technical consultant and writer for 10 of the 15 widely accepted Recommended Practices published by the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)

2002 — Testified in the Lake Tahoe MtBE trial, the first MtBE litigation to go before a jury



Technical Writing

Marcel Moreau has been a regular contributor to the EPA funded publication LUSTline for 30 years.

Marcel has worked with the Petroleum Equipment Institute in creating seven widely-adopted industry recommended practices and revising six editions of older recommended practices.

He has also written dozens of litigation-related reports ranging in size from a few pages to over one hundred pages.

Expert Witness

Marcel Moreau provides expert services to injured parties, UST owners, UST service companies, water utilities and government agencies nationwide.

His detailed knowledge of how UST equipment works, how it is used (or misused) and common behaviors that lead to spills is invaluable in sifting through the evidence to understand what happened, why it happened, and who the potentially responsible parties are.


Marcel Moreau has presented UST training courses on nearly every UST related topic to diverse audiences including UST:

  • inspectors
  • owners
  • operators
  • technicians
  • lawyers