Marcel Moreau Associates Inc.

Marcel Moreau Associates Inc.

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Technical Writing

PEI Recommended Practices

From the early days of his tank career, Marcel has been writing about UST related issues.  He has published over 60 articles in the EPA funded publication LUSTline (Leaking Underground Storage Tank-line).   Topics have ranged from the nuts-and-bolts workings of automatic tank gauges, line leak detectors, and overfill prevention devices to more philosophical musings on the limits of leak detection and the value of operator training.   He has also written articles for the PEI Journal, the Steel Tank Institute’s Tank Talk, and the UST Guide.

His ability to organize material, research industry topics, write clearly, and work with committees composed of industry experts has led him to collaborate with the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)  in creating seven new Recommended Practice (RP) documents on topics ranging from marina design and installation, to UST and dispenser inspection and maintenance, to compressed natural gas fueling facilities.  In addition, he has worked on updating three other Recommended Practices published by PEI. Click here to see the RPs Marcel has worked on.

Marcel has also written dozens of expert reports ranging from explaining the details of a specific fuel delivery spill to an overview of the history of the UST leak problem and the use of MtBE in gasoline.  His ability to decipher and clearly explain service records, inventory records, ATG printouts, and many other UST related documents allows him to communicate convincingly the evidence for leaks or the circumstances explaining why a spill occurred.

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